Dave and Sherry Jennings

Dave and Sherry Jennings

It started way before Lincoln Heritage for me, as I’ve known Gabe since Slippery Rock University where we all enjoyed our youth.  After college I worked many jobs, from selling mortgages to managing a local bank, to spending 10 years with EDMC in downtown Pittsburgh. I enjoyed all the positions I held along my journey as they have made me the man I am today and ultimately allowed me to meet my wife Sherry.  It is her belief in me that has pushed me to leave my comfort zone of a typical 9-5 job, and her support, that allows me to work as hard as needed in this business.


I started with Lincoln Heritage in January 2016 and set my goal on receiving my six-figure-income ring by the end of December of that same year. I knew it was going to take a lot of hard work and require many sacrifices, but it was worth it for my family. Well 35,000 driving miles and 12 months later, I not only received my ring, but Sherry and I also spent 1 week in Hawaii by qualifying as the #1 Pro Rata qualifier in the entire company…a trip paid for by Lincoln Heritage based on my production!!  And it’s refreshing to me, after years and years of corporate ladders, to know that they’re family owned and run too.


Coming into this business I knew nothing of the insurance industry, but I also knew given the right training and platform that I could be successful.  I am thankful to be a part of WARRIORS OF KMF, LLC and THE MILES GROUP, to absorb all the free knowledge that is given on a daily basis.  The willingness to share knowledge from successful agents has allowed me to have instant success and I now look forward to passing that knowledge onto others!  What has me excited for the next 5 years is, whatever I want my income to be in this business, there is a platform and a plan to get me there.  The work is up to me.


Dave Jennings
Field Underwriter / Manager


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