Bruce and Tavona Colwell

Bruce and Tavona Colwell

Throughout my life I have worked in several industries and in a range of positions including time behind a desk as well as laboring in the field. Quite often I would find myself promoted to a position of leadership because of my strong work ethic. The number of hours that I would work would increase and so would the level of accountability and expectations from the boss. Very rarely did the compensation raise in equal proportion to the increase in my efforts. When this happens, it can make you question the value of your time and effort. Can you relate to this situation?


In my short time here at Lincoln Heritage, I have been able to turn my life around because of the fact that I am my own boss. I have been rewarded in direct comparison to the amount of effort I have invested in growing my career. Instead of barely scraping by, I have been able to grow both in my personal and professional life, with my family at home and our growing team family. Instead of feeling undervalued, I feel a true sense of worthiness and appreciation.


If you are looking for a work-home where you will be rewarded in direct comparison to the amount of effort you invest in building your career, the Miles Group and the Warriors of KMF may be exactly what you have been searching for. You do not need to be an insurance expert, nor do you need to be the world’s best salesman. You simply have to be self driven, be willing to listen to your coaches and remain determined to do better for yourself and others.


Bruce Colwell
Field Underwriter / Manager


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